Remote sensing and geospatial analysis for monitoring the landscape dynamics inside the plain of Tafilalet (Morocco) under the impacts of climate change and human activities

  • Eddahby Lhou Laboratory LIMEN “Water Resources & Information Technology”, Mohammadia School of Engineers, Rabat, Morocco
  • Jihane Tlemсani Faculty of Sciences and Technology of Errachidia, My Ismaїl University, Meknes, Morocco
  • Mikhail Popov Scientific Centre for Aerospace Research of the Earth, NAS of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Sergey Stankevich Scientific Centre for Aerospace Research of the Earth, NAS of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Daoud Mezzane LMCN, Faculty of Sciences and Technologies, Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakech, Morocco
  • Igor Lukyanchuk LPMC, Picardie Jules Verne University, Amiens, France
  • Abdelkader Larabi Laboratory LIMEN “Water Resources & Information Technology”, Mohammadia School of Engineers, Rabat, Morocco
  • Ali Essahlaoui Research Group “Water Sciences and Environmental Engineering”, Laboratory of Geo-Engineering and Environment, Faculty of Sciences, My Ismaїl University, Meknes, Morocco
Keywords: multispectral satellite imagery, land cover classification, climate change, human pressure, landscape dynamics, plain of Tafilalet (Morocco)


In this study we are interested in the plain of Tafilalet to follow the dynamics of palms under constraints of climate change and human activities with the same approach. Climate changes are evaluated based on three methods: rainfall station of raft Erfoud, the deviation from the mean, the rainfall index and moving average 5 years. Identified and mapped the human actions are of three types: the discharge, liquid waste from cities and landfills and urban planning. Multispectral satellites images of Landsat TM (1984, 2009) and ETM+ (1999) are analyzed. Processing which takes account of both natural and human constraints allowed us to evaluate the dynamics palms of Tafilalet. The obtained results of this area were compared to the middle Ziz oasis.


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Earth observation data applications: Challenges and tasks