RSE-based flooding prediction within territories of closed coal mines of Ukraine

Keywords: coal mines flooding, geoinformation systems, numeric geofiltration modeling, surface flooding, vertical deformations, RSE


The article highlights the aspects of RSE technologies adaptation during the forward hydrogeological predictions development and for the purposes of the surface flooding zones spreading estimation within coal-mines fields, being flooded. Previously developed numerical geofiltration model allows to return filtration settings of the massif of rocks, that was broken due to coal extraction, and to identify the influence features of the mine workings flooding regime on the general hydrodynamic settings around the flooded mines. As a result of geofiltration modeling the forecast cartographic scheme of groundwater table level position at the final stage of mine workings flooding was obtained. To take into account the influence of surface subsidence over the mine workings on flooding zones distribution, the values of maximum possible vertical surface displacements over the mine workings contours were calculated, based on geological and surveying data. The relief mathematical model was developed with given expected vertical deformations using the GIS-techniques and the original DEM of the territory.
The result of the radar satellites images processing is a cartographic model that demonstrates the intensity of uplift movements of the earth surface. Areas of distribution of large-amplitude movements (10-20 mm/year) were determines. As a result, an updated scheme of the forecasted flooded zones was developed.


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